After the War of the Ancients, Kylea is left impossibly peaceful, despite its martial past. One Ancient remains on the great continent of Kylea, and she controls the largest population of sentient creatures, near the center of the continent. The dwarves, having been responsible for the great war, have been exiled from the main hub areas on the continent, taking shelter in the northeast, the extreme west, and the extreme south. The dwarves have rallied under three different rulers with one agenda: Ridding the world of the last Ancient.

Kylea is filled with six great city-states and the three outlands. The central city-state, Dolanna, is the most populous. The northern port city of Igia controls sea travel to the other two continents on the planet. The southern portion of Kylea is almost constantly at war. Kormac and Julian City used to be one large nation, Laira. Almost three hundreds years ago, two great warriors could not decide who would rule the military-influenced nation. The warriors decided the best solution was to divide the nation in half. Since these warriors, the rulers of these divided nations have set their ambitious eyes on reuniting the southern states. The east coast is the territory of The First Republic, a very xenophobic people that only trade with the Dolannans to survive. The smallest of the great city-states, Polkana, is home to the native druids and monks of the continent. Polkana strives for peace above all else.

The three outlands, Apachea, Droma, and Uster, have been the sources of the most problems for the now peaceful continent. Apachea is ruled by Jacob Kelthron, a human ostracized from Dolanna fifty years before the great war. Apachea is located in the extreme northeast of Kylea. Droma is ruled by Malfurion Whitehoof, an elf born Malfurion Stormspeaker. Malfurion received a name change after tapping into a greater demonic power. Droma is the largest of the outlands, taking up the majority of Kylea’s west coast, leaving very little land to the monks and druids of Polkana.

Dolanna, known as the Heart of Kylea, is home to the one living Ancient. Her name is not spoken in hopes that the people will forget she is there, and in hopes that they can live peacefully without the assistance of such a powerful being. Being the largest of the states of Kylea, Dolanna is home to many different peoples and many different ways of life. By far a merchant city, Dolanna is the hub of trade for most of Kylea, even being known to trade to the Outlands if it is necessary. Dolannans enjoy their peace and often will leave their doors unlocked, because anyone caught stealing, or any other major crime for that matter, is left to the swift and usually accurate justice system. Ruled by a senate of 12, Dolanna is the city-state that weilds the most power in Kylea, playing home to the annual Kylea Meetings to discuss continental affairs.

Igia, the second-largest city-state, is the home of the arts on Kylea due to the great number of people passing through the city. Igia is the great port of the continent, being the only place to obtain goods and services from the other two continents. Bards and spellcasters are often drawn to Igia for its lack of censorship and excessive freedoms. In Igia, the people govern themselves, electing a representative that attends the Kylea Meetings. The current representative is Maraxus, a strong-willed warrior that has an affinity for music. Maraxus is the longest ruling representative of Igia, having ruled for twelve years now. Criminals are often exiled instead of truly punished; the thinking being that if one cannot enjoy the peaceful nature of the arts, one deserves to be elsewhere. Igia is where our adventurers will begin their campaign to maintain the peace in Kylea.

Laira was once the greatest of the city-states of Kylea. Home to many strong warriors and cunning rogues, Laira was definitely the power-hub of the continent. Years before the War of the Ancients though, Kormacia, a hot-headed female warrior, and Julian III, a coniving thief, decided to sever their ties to each other and have their halves of Laira serve their own purposes. Since the death of Julian III in the great war, the reigning warlords of Laira have feuded over boundaries and territorial gains, making Laira a shell of its former self. Rampant lawlessness is common in the now divided Laira, for it is seen that even the leaders must resort to crooked means to get ahead.

The First Republic of Kylea is a strange place indeed. Incredibly xenophobic and reclusive, the people of TFR strictly trade amongst themselves. TFR is the first true communal society in Kylea. The strange part is the leader of TFR is not one of the natives to the area. Joseph Kanser, a man elected to the position of Chief Republican, came to TFR in the early stages of its development from Dolanna. Since his arrival, he has ruled with an iron fist, and, to some, a reign of terror. The First Republic is not a happy place to be if you are not a native.

At first glance, Polkana can seem uninhabited. Usually, the people of Polkana are either praying, studying, or sleeping. Polkans are studious, fastidious people, valuing peace, diligence, and harmony above everything. Polkans often have no need for money or material possesions, enjoying the experience and the happiness of an event instead of the spoils. Many people do not linger in Polkana because the overly calm and peaceful aura of the city is unnerving.